Join a New Fantasy Adventure

In June of 2018, creative genius Dick Wulf handed James a fantasy world and a universe of possibility.

J ames is committed to carrying on Dick's mission of creating engaging stories and games to enrich the lives and development of Christian youth and to advance the Gospel of Christ. As part of this effort, James is spearheading the development of new games and literary products, starting with an online reader-directed origin story called The Fountain and the Flame (see below) and a new family dice game known as StarLots (look for more in the blog posts).

Much more is in the works, involving corporate development and artistic experts, as well as a writer who is part of the Tolkien canon. Stay tuned here and at for more from the Lightraider world.

The Fountain and the Flame

James has started an online reader-directed origin story for the Lightraider world, hosted by You can take part. You choose the hero's path. Each month (approximately) James will write a chapter based on choices made through the reader comments. Each chapter includes an illustration by the amazing Ashton Corbett, with some including a time-lapse video showing how she does it. Start at the story page on, then join the adventure and help us choose what our hero Kaia will do next.

T he Creator of All Things has opened a window to another world—a portal. We cannot step through this portal, but we may reach through with our minds. Concentrating, we see a young woman, Kaia, seated on a bridge of stone and ice, feet dangling over cobalt blue waters.

The Creator has invited us to act as Watch-keepers over Kaia and the friends she will meet along a dangerous path that lies ahead. The Watch-keepers must work together to help Kaia make good choices. These choices will not always be easy, and Kaia may not always do as we ask, for she is strong-willed. Will you accept this challenge with us?