Join a New Fantasy Adventure

Lightraiders is an entire realm of games and stories designed to help youth and adults alike engage with Christian discipleship.

E bark with us on an adventure to the beloved fantasy realm of the Lightraiders. Knights of the Lightraider order train at the academy and learn to trust in the Rescuer in preparation for missions into the Dragon Lands of Tanelethar. Crossing the great mountain barrier known as the Celestial Peaks, these lightraiders seek to rescue the Aladoth, also known as the Onceborn, who live under dragon opporession.

So much is in the works, from a series of novels staring with Wolf Soldier. To a full adventure Bible study system that allows you to create characters and enter quests in our fantasy realm. Stay tuned here and at for more from the Lightraiders Realm.

The Fountain and the Flame

James has started an online reader-directed origin story for the Lightraider world, hosted by You can take part. You choose the hero's path. Each month (approximately) James will write a chapter based on choices made through the reader comments. Each chapter includes an illustration by the amazing Ashton Corbett, with some including a time-lapse video showing how she does it. Start at the story page on, then join the adventure and help us choose what our hero Kaia will do next.

T he Creator of All Things has opened a window to another world—a portal. We cannot step through this portal, but we may reach through with our minds. Concentrating, we see a young woman, Kaia, seated on a bridge of stone and ice, feet dangling over cobalt blue waters.

The Creator has invited us to act as Watch-keepers over Kaia and the friends she will meet along a dangerous path that lies ahead. The Watch-keepers must work together to help Kaia make good choices. These choices will not always be easy, and Kaia may not always do as we ask, for she is strong-willed. Will you accept this challenge with us?