A Spy in the Cold

After an intelligence operation in Rome goes sideways, Ben Calix returns to Paris to find his perfectly ordered world turned upside down. A hit man ambushes him at his flat. French SWAT tries to hem him in. This is a severance. The Director has kicked him out into the cold. But why?

To find answers, Ben must seek the sniper who tried to kill him, the spymaster who trained him, the doctor who once saved his life, and the teammate who killed the woman he loved. And in the midst of this search, scouring Europe for his contacts, he must still try to stop a world-altering attack.

Job Companion Bible Study

The Job Paris Betrayal companion Bible study is available now!

What possible connections could there be between a modern-day spy, the biblical person of Job, and YOU? More than you may think!

Dr. Gary C. Huckabay brings out the life applications of Job by comparing the biblical saga to James R. Hannibal's celebrated spy thriller The Paris Betrayal. Join us for this companion Bible study. Take a deep dive into the allegory of The Paris Betrayal and go behind the gates of ancient Uz with commentary and study questions for knowledge, lifestyle, and learning.

Use this book for self-study or gather with friends for a series of group discussions. Either way, you'll see the book of Job like you've never seen it before.