A Spy in the Cold

After an intelligence operation in Rome goes sideways, Ben Calix returns to Paris to find his perfectly ordered world turned upside down. A hit man ambushes him at his flat. French SWAT tries to hem him in. This is a severance. The Director has kicked him out into the cold. But why?

To find answers, Ben must seek the sniper who tried to kill him, the spymaster who trained him, the doctor who once saved his life, and the teammate who killed the woman he loved. And in the midst of this search, scouring Europe for his contacts, he must still try to stop a world-altering attack.

Ready for a giveaway?

Step 1: Preorder The Paris Betrayal using any of the links below or at your preferred store. Don't forget to save your receipt.

Step 2: Upload an image of your receipt through my contact page. Make sure to add a U.S. address in the "Your Message" box so I can send you your prize.

What you'll receive

This preorder giveaway includes a Paris Betrayal bookmark and postcard plus collectable die cast lapel pins from The Paris Betrayal and Chasing the White Lion. What are you waiting for? Preorder below!

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