Spot the Con

Chasing the White Lion
February 13, 2020

Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!

My latest book is Chasing the White Lion, the second in my Clandestine Service series. Talia Inger is a rookie spy doing her level best to wrangle a pack of elite thieves. To rescue kidnapped refugee children, her team will infiltrate the Jungle, the world's first crowdsourced crime syndicate, using a layered series of cons and heists. In the Jungle, it's kill or be killed—win or die. Talia and her team will risk it all to save the kids.

Saving kids from poverty and human traffickers is not a purely fictional exercise in this story. A portion of every book sold will go to Compassion International, an amazing organization battling child poverty around the globe.

With thieves and cons on the brain, I thought I'd share an infographic I created to help you spot cons and stop them before they strike. Check it out below . . .

Spotting the Con

I've worked in intelligence and counter-terrorism. I've held cool titles like Tactical Deception Officer. But those experiences are not where I learned the most about cons. No, I learned from being a victim. A couple of years ago, in a phase of my life when I arrogantly believed myself impervious to spies and conmen, I got taken. It was only $6000. It could have been a lot worse.

I can't go to deep into the details. But I can tell you that the conwoman who took my money used every one of the techniques mentioned in the infographic. Despite all my experience, and in some ways because of it, I fell victim to the same psychological traps con artists use on everyone else. No one is immune. So, take a look, be aware, and maybe you'll be better prepared than I was to spot the con.