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Character Profiles: Talia and Tyler

The Gryphon Heist
June 4, 2019
Character Profiles: Eddie and Jordan
June 12, 2019

Get to know the spies and thieves of The Gryphon Heist a little better.


T alia Inger:

Age: 22 as of May 2019. Born in Columbus, GA near Fort Benning on July 24 1997, a birthday she shares with both Amelia Earhart and Alexander Dumas (author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo).

Description: Petite. Romanian heritage (Romanian father, American mother of Slavic descent).

Talia’s mother died at childbirth. Her father was killed in an auto accident on her seventh birthday. Talia was in the vehicle at the time. After that, she bounced around the Washington DC foster care system for eight years, finally landing with Bill and Wendy Lewis and their daughter Jenni. Talia spent the last two years of high school with this Christian family, but held on to the anger that had built up over the previous eight years and never embraced Christ. She earned a full scholarship to Georgetown, where she focused on Russian and Eastern European studies, still living at home with the Lewises. Jenni is the same age and attended with her, but her tuition was fully paid for by her family—a point Talia has adopted as a reason to remain angry at Jenni’s father Bill. Talia and Jenni lived together for six years total, until just before their college graduation when Talia moved out (following a fight with Bill).

Talia suffers from an undiagnosable pain in her side, a result of all her pent-up anger. Maladies of this sort are common in victims of psychological trauma who find themselves unable to forgive.


A dam Tyler:

Age: 38. Born on February 7 1981, a birthday he shares with both Charles Dickens and John Deere. Adam Tyler is not his real name. Rather, it is an adaptation of “an Adam Tiler,” the Victorian slang for a pickpocket’s accomplice.

Description: Six-foot-two, one hundred ninety pounds. Dark brown hair. Green eyes. Prefers high-end suits combined with a patchwork flatcap. Currently working freelance in “imports and exports.”

The rest of Tyler's background has been redacted.

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