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Character Profiles: Finn and Valkyrie

Character Profiles: Eddie and Jordan
June 12, 2019
Section 13: The History
June 12, 2019

Get to know the spies and thieves of The Gryphon Heist a little better.


M ichael Finn:

Age: 24. Born in Melbourne Australia on February 18 1995, a birthday he shares with Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who thought he could attain immortality, and author/thief Peter Scott, the King of Cat Burglars.

Description: Medium height, wiry build. Light brown hair—a little lighter at the tips in skiing season. Ice blue eyes. Finn is good looking, and he knows it. He is an envelope-pushing daredevil with that poor sense of his own mortality often shared by young men. He enjoys skiing, free-climbing, and wingsuit skydiving.

Finn left home after secondary school, unable to cope with his mother’s repeated relationships with abusive men. Most of his understanding about how to relate to women comes from movies and television. He started his criminal enterprises with break-ins at Australia’s beach-front properties, which often lay empty for weeks at a time in the cold season. Still a kid with a need for validation and praise, he turned that early cash into a career of stunts and spectacles.


V alkyrie:

Age: If Valkyrie tells you her age, you’ll know she’s lying. Talia would guess mid-thirties. In any case, she was born in Italy on November 11, a birthday she shares with Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment) and Mary Willcocks, the famed Princess Caraboo—a cobbler’s daughter who conned the Edwardian English into believing she was a foreign princess.

Description: Val is of medium height with black hair and brown eyes, bearing a Mediterranean complexion that allows her to pose as a citizen of many nations. When not playing a role on the grift, she dresses well and only uses the most expensive cosmetic products.

Her best gift is her ability to read people within minutes or even seconds of first contact. Giver her an extra hour or so beforehand to review your social media accounts, and you won’t stand a chance.

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