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Character Profiles: Eddie and Jordan

Character Profiles: Talia and Tyler
June 12, 2019
Character Profiles: Finn and Valkyrie
June 12, 2019

Get to know the spies and thieves of The Gryphon Heist a little better.


M ary Jordan:

Age: Late 40’s? Born on May 2 in a year she had redacted from her file, a birthday she shares with Catherine the Great, Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron), and the satirical caricaturist Peggy Bacon, who penned Off With Their Heads.

Description: Red hair. Medium height. Strong presence. Favors sunglasses so she can lift them once in a while for dramatic effect. She is a little jaded, but fiercely patriotic.

Mary Jordan's status as good guy or villain remains a question mark. Is she cold, calculating, and evil? Or is that just her hostile resting face?


E ddie Gupta:

Age: 23. Born on February 24 1997, a birthday he proudly shares with Steve Jobs, Wilhelm Grimm (Grimm’s Fairy Tales), and Billy Zane.

Description: Eddie is the child of Indian diplomats with permanent visas to the United States, and has dual citizenship. He wears glasses, skinny chinos that still look loose on his near muscle-free legs, and carries a fidget spinner that he made himself. Eddie is a semi-typical geek with fascinations in science fiction and fantasy, comic books, and both table-top and computer games.

He studied computer science and programming at Georgetown and joined the CIA in the same Farm class as Talia. He fancies himself a hacker, but lacks the bad-boy/bad-girl attitude that draws him to Finn and Darcy. He has had on-again-off-again crushes on Talia that were never reciprocated. With Darcy, however, it was love at first (online) sight.

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